Our Differentiators
Comprehensive geographic presence:

Our comprehensive network of offices and operations around the world exists to ensure that our customers have immediate access to our expertise wherever they need it.

Balanced with this we continue with our strategy of developing a number of hubs that include high value engineering centers and large resource execution centers which are capable of executing projects of any size.

Committed, Empowered and Technically Capable People:

EMTAC Group has built a world-class company through the commitment and talent of our personnel - their skill, efficiency and innovative thinking differentiate us.

EMTAC Group has implemented a number of initiatives to provide a work environment that rewards people for their commitment and performance and encourages a healthy balance between work and lifestyle. Our aim is to recruit, develop and, most importantly, retain the people who share our vision and strategy.

The quality of the opportunities at EMTAC Group and the caliber of our existing staff are major draw cards to prospective employees. We continue to search for excellent and committed staff who are specialists in their fields and who seek challenge, fair treatment and rewards for success.

Outstanding operational and corporate performance:

Strong growth continues to characterize our performance - through the organic development of our business in each country and through strategic, targeted acquisition. Both are possible because we strive to create a structure and a culture that is sensitively in tune with local markets and our customers.

Equally, it is possible because we encourage our people to create and capitalize on opportunities and we provide strong knowledge management systems for every project and office to access best practice and world-class expertise.

In driving this growth we stay focused on our core values. Crucial among these are systems, procedures and management that identify, measure and control financial and non-financial risk throughout our global operation. Our focus includes the optimization of capital, strong corporate governance and operational profitability.

Success in project delivery - large and small:

The continuation of favorable resource commodity prices and strong global demand is reflected in the magnitude and diversity of the greenfield mega-projects in progress within EMTAC Group' sectors.

Every complex process and industrial facility requires ongoing capital expenditure. Our execution methodologies deliver improvements in integrity and business performance for our customers throughout the asset lifecycle and are tailored to the specific needs of the project. This is a key differentiator for EMTAC Group in many markets, enabling customers to maximize opportunities.

Our project delivery capability is underpinned by the unique EMTAC Group Project Management System that is a key feature of our Enterprise Management System (EMS) which, along with sophisticated communication infrastructure, is deployed globally to enable our operation to collaborate efficiently and effectively on project large and small.

Delivering profitable sustainability:

This is our range of services and technologies that profitably embed environmental, social and economic sustainability into project delivery, across the asset lifecycle.

We have developed our strategy to embrace the material challenges facing our business and our customers in responding to the changing operating environment and the ongoing demand for environmentally, socially and financially sustainable solutions.

Our implementation of this strategy commenced with identifying and drawing together our substantial, impressive array of capabilities embedded throughout our global business.
We have established a strong set of capabilities in four key areas of Assessment, Efficiency, Treatment and Mitigation.

Focus on long term contracts and asset-based services:

The continuous improvement of complex processing and energy facilities around the world requires sustained commitment and focus.

EMTAC Group improve is a core service for brownfield operations focused on the delivery of major projects, upgrade, debottlenecking and maintenance projects, project portfolio management and support services to sustain assets and improve business performance.

EMTAC Group improve has been entrusted by over 100 customers to deliver a step change in the performance of their assets. Working in close alignment with customers, achievable cost and risk reduction measures are developed and implemented to drive toward globally recognized first quartile performance indicators.

Our Vision

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Our Differentiators

Our comprehensive network of offices and operations around the world exists to ensure that our customers have immediate access to our expertise wherever they need it.


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